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Was able to put some of your examples in. A few comments are below:

State is reflective of frame/button. Setting btn.state to enable self for state. Seems the same as just calling state unless there was a reason for this? State was meant to just control both.

Alpha is not reflective of clicks over mouseover/mouseleave. Locked only when clicked.

Button used clamp for it to always remain on screen with the frame it controlled. In the end I want to control when button moves closer to frame. To pushing the button on the other side. So people could set the tooltip on left or right. And the button would dynamically swap to the other side. While I am looking and I see _:GetRight() & _:GetLeft(). I want the swap only to happen if the button shifts in it's static position toward the frame. Also if I want to do unclamping, clamping to the container. Seems will have to use screen position of the dragged frame + screen position of parent. For clamping. Just enabling drag unclamps. Did not see a function that did all 4. Though simple enough to make. left + top + right + bottom.

Useful to get parent then + 1. Thanks.

Getting created before create was useful. Mostly if I forgot I had a container already named.
Can also define a name different in NAME to define two containers as well.

ie MyAddon_ContainerA would turn to MyAddon_ContainerA_Frame / MyAddon_ContainerA_Button
ie Then using MyAddon_ContainerB for MyAddon_ContainerB_Frame / MyAddon_ContainerB_Button


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