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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
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Tooltip is to be something someone can mouseover to view. Click to lock it. Click to affect the tooltip. Then click let the tooltip resume the way it was before. Was an idea to make things selectable from the tooltip as much as possible without pushing everything to options. IE more commonly used items maybe. All ideas right now.

I do know you, and know you are good. Though very few writers write a finished novel right from the start. And some of those writers are not professional at it. I know how to program and script (To some extent, maybe not the greatest). I'm writing more rough, as it helps me learn. I'd hate to show you some of my code that reference lengthy bits of single and dual letter functions. Even I do not get lost in that. Have not for years.

If it bugs you so much why offer to :
providing free advice on a WoW addon forum.
bug me over it? (You shouldn't feel like holding Formatting 101 over the internet). Nor are you obligated to do so. You can simply exclude that from mention when and if you wish to help.

I was looking more into functionality. Not you need to write in "x" way not in "z". You should be happy enough that I do not type in internet speak. And actually make full words. And not debate over it. I feel this is where for you and I this subject should end. Otherwise it becomes meaningless ranting across the internet. And I feel you have more important things. As do I. And to me that is all done and over with. And will get no more mention.
Lets agree to disagree.

As for LUA I am still learning the full syntax.

Simple example of single letter scripting. Wrote for you as an example.
integer x;
            string r;
            string s;
            list cmds=
As far as advice you have "provided" some. Which I did end up using as noted before. The rest was honestly discarded. Thank you for the advice in that.
Yes, you should just use self.state (where self is some object) instead of state, always. This makes the state accessible from outside the scope of the "create container" function.
Yes knew what self was for. Just was not considering that use. And poking myself to not thinking of why I had not anticipated that. Currently it will not have much use. Though later it could.
Clamp the frame, attach the button to the frame, and use clamp insets on the frame. If you clamp both, but don't use clamp insets, then you can drag the frame to the edge of the screen and the button will end up overlapping it.
Thank you also for the mention on clamping. Will look into that and update accordingly.

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