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Announce to Raid Chat issue

I've been using the mouseover macro below to both whisper the target I cast my battle rez on and announce it to the raid but since 5.1 changed GetRealNumRaidMembers the raid chat announce doesn't work anymore. Does anyone have insight into what I'd need to change to make it work again? I'd also like it to stop the whisper to the target if the spell doesn't fire but I haven't been able to figure that part out. Lastly, I never PvP so the Battleground part can be removed if it's unneeded but I don't know if that's the case. Thanks.

#showtooltip Raise Ally
/stopmacro [@mouseover,nodead]
/cast [@mouseover,dead,help][@target,dead,help][]Raise Ally
/run SendChatMessage("Raise Ally cast on you. Rise up and fight!!","WHISPER",nil, UnitName("mouseover") or UnitName("target"))
/stopmacro [nogroup][@mouseover,nodead]
/run SendChatMessage("Aethran cast Raise Ally on "..UnitName("mouseover")..".", GetRealNumRaidMembers() > 0 and "RAID" or GetNumRaidMembers() > 0 and "BATTLEGROUND" or GetNumPartyMembers() > 0 and "PARTY" or "SAY")
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