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Elvui skin, chat tabs and sldatatext questions.

As the title says, i wonder if there is any addon out there that skins the character tab, spell book, interface/options etc with the same skin or something similar that elvui uses?
And the second question, is there a chat addon that can make the channel names (chat tabs) to be visible at all times and with the option to change it's font and size?
Atm i use chatter but i can not change the font of the channel names with it.
And to the last question, i wonder if i in some way can change the color of the texts in sldatatext?
In the ingame options i can only select class colored.
I however want the first text to be dark blue (the same as elvui classic uses) and the last text to be white.
With "first" and "last" i mean this ->

First - Last

Guild: 10
Friends: 8
Armor: 100%

You guys probably ask yourselfs, why don't the fool just download Elvui and the answer to that is that i really don't have the energy to rebuild my whole UI from scratch with Elv as the base.
I've spent countless hours on the one i have now and i simply just want the same skin and color that's in Elvui
Thanks in advance.
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