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Originally Posted by Foxlit View Post
I'm still under the impression that if your addon appeared in a taint error, it is as a consequence (albeit a potentially remote one) of code included in your addon.
Then you would be wrong. Until 5.2, the taint.log often blamed the wrong addon for having caused the taint.

With regard to the changes you're proposing, I don't work for Blizz, so I'm not in a position to answer for them. That said, the taint system is very lightweight. Adding a good bit of functionality (logic) to it would create a non-trivial impact on performance. Humans are quite good at that kind of work... dump the raw data to a linear file and allow the sentient being to apply its skills to working out what happened if/when they need to, versus, penalize everything because someone might want to have a look and is unwilling to work backwards through the output. Meh.

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