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Originally Posted by BossHawg View Post
I have had this same issue with all releases since I started using it with v3.x
All my notes and newly found mining/herb locations not imported are gone, including this 5.1.2 release.
I have to start all over and import nodes, then mess with the game interface to get them to show on the map and get targets to screen sparkle again.
Making the target (target = whatever you're gathering profession is) "sparkle" has absolutely nothing to do with Carbonite or any other addon. It's a setting within the game itself (and, to me at least, seems to be wildly inconsistent in its' application).

Originally Posted by BossHawg View Post
I presume its my fault for simply copying the new release contents to the game folder, overwriting existing files, as there is no other obvious way to update it that I have found. Probably not a huge importance since these areas are not traveled much by toons no longer hammering out quests for those zones.
Maybe added notes and new found stuff (such as new nodes and rare beasties) should be kept in a local folder this creates so new updates simply cant overwrite those files?
It is ALWAYS better to delete the folder(s) for the addon you are updating before you install the latest update, rather then letting them be overwritten. Overwriting the installed folder(s) for an addon can lead to corrupting the addon itself (any addon, not just Carbonite) and lead to all sorts of strange problems with an addon that don't seem to be able to be repaired either easily, or at all.

Originally Posted by BossHawg View Post
I love this addons maping so much I dontated to its almighy coders fund, because the maping is exceptionally better than the wow map, with the exception of where quest points are at, usually are close to the actual location but lately are very far off for !/? spots, even missing npc's for getting !'s.
That's something Rythal is working on. Please be patient. He is currently revamping Carbonites quest module so it works better and has a more complete quest database.

Originally Posted by BossHawg View Post
Also I would really love this thing more if it were to colorize node flashes and quest points, say for those underground/water, (above or below your horizon plain) so you can quickly grab them on your epic farming runs vs shouting at the screen, WTF is it!? oh fudge, its in a cave....
That, unfortunately, is just not currently possible. Addons (in general, not just Carbonite) have absolutely no access to the active node icon on Blizzards MiniMap (the only place that icon appears), which is the "flashing node" you see on Carbonites minimized map when the maps are merged. Perhaps that could be accomplished if Blizzard ever lets addons have access to that API, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.
Ahhhh, the vagueries of the aging mind. Wait.... What was I saying?

Carbonite <----- GitHub main module (Maps ONLY) download link. The other modules are also available on GitHub.