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Thumbs up Holy holy paladin!

I've been playing Holy paladin for about 50 levels now and I couldnt be more thrilled. I know the game "warned" me that this wasnt a tanking character but I went for it anyway and I got the HOLY spec anyway...against my friends advice.
"play either retribution or protection" he said but I felt the need to help people and clicked on HOLY.
The thing is that the holy paladin was kinda not kicking a lot of butt UNTIL I got the DENOUNCE spell, and that is when things changed. At level 50, on average the denounce is hitting with 700 damage with 17% haste with a comfy 3000 armor. I dont have a frame of reference for this so I wanted your opinion on this.

By the by, In duels I've beaten 4 retribution paladins and 1 protection paladins and havent lost yet. Pretty neat eh? The trick, REBUKE, it stops other paladins from healing. >)

In terms of questing, you dont have to worry about potions or debuffs cause youre one huge walking hospital so you CAN take your time with bosses even on your own.
Im taking this Paladin al the way to the bank...well, to the auction house.
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