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Yeah... that's why I posted what I did in the last post. No need to debate about it... that was silly.

As for your code, I don't see anything there that jumps out at me as something that going to cause a taint. Setting alpha, thankfully, does not normally cause a problem and is even one of the ways one gets around a taint problem... you can show/hide non-secure frames all day long (i.e. the GameTooltip frame), it's secure frames that give you heartburn. In which case, if you can't Hide() it, you can often SetAlpha( 0 ) it.

Odds are, if you've got something that's tainting in your code, it's not in this section.

Have you tried turning on the taintlog and do a raid-invite, then log out and find where the raid-invite execution borked and work backwards? If not, turn off everything except your mod and give it a go.

In my experience, taint almost never happens where you thought it did.

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