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Originally Posted by zork
I have a question. Since I read spiel's explanation I'm now sure that this is causing my raid-invite issue (someone joins the party/raid while infight).
Regarding what I read I'm not allowed to touch that frame at all because I'm running in unsecure environment and touching it in any way will make it fail later on.

Is that a correct guess?
Your guess is not correct -- you are allowed to touch secure and protected frames, as long as you do so in a careful manner (i.e. do not insecurely modify variables that will later be accessed by FrameXML from secure execution paths that will eventually go on to call a protected function, or go on to write to variables that will be used in this fashion). I agree with spiel regarding the code you quoted -- it looks benign, and is probably not the source of any issues.

I'm not sure if you've described what exactly your raid/party invite issue is -- quoting the error or the negative consequences would be helpful, as well as posting a link to the addons involved. In any case, you can approach debugging this by finding the (presumably) FrameXML line of code calling a protected function you get taint errors about (taintlog 1 should be sufficient to get a stack trace when the error occurs), figuring out which variables are accessed before the execution gets to that line, checking which of these are tainted, and then figuring out how your addon is tainting those variables.
... and you do get used to it, after a while.

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