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Originally Posted by Strgazr View Post
Beagles are extreme chow hounds.
Tell me about it. Can't leave any sort of food just laying around, or he'll be a fatso in a straight NY minute.

Originally Posted by Strgazr View Post
People will also try to tell you that beagles are too noisy, but they don't have to be.
I love his howling. It's almost as awesome as a Husky's. Even when he gets at it, he's so much less annoying than a freaking Pom-Poodle. As energetic as he is, the little rat (Pom-Poodle) is always getting him going, chasing him around yapping.

Originally Posted by Strgazr View Post
They get scared and lonely when left alone and start barking and howling trying to find their pack.
I learned this the hard way last night. I put him out my room last night because he kept trying to attack my blankets thinking it was still play-time. 30 minutes later, he's howling, and after I fell asleep, 20 minutes later he's scratching at my door, howling, and managed to open it by throwing his body at it a couple times. I wake up with his face sticking in and howling until I let him back in. At least after that, he slept nice and soundly right at my feet before waking me up at 5am to go potty.

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