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Scroll frames are pretty annoying before you know their workings (well even after you know, too), but here is the simplest implementation I can come up with of a mostly working example. (you probably need to create a font string for the buttons and, of course, fill the list with something)
local NUM_BUTTONS = 8
local BUTTON_HEIGHT = 20

local list = {} -- put contents of the scroll frame here, for example item names
local buttons = {}

local function update(self)
	local numItems = #list
	FauxScrollFrame_Update(self, numItems, NUM_BUTTONS, BUTTON_HEIGHT)
	local offset = FauxScrollFrame_GetOffset(self)
	for line = 1, NUM_BUTTONS do
		local lineplusoffset = line + offset
		local button = buttons[line]
		if lineplusoffset > numItems then

local scrollFrame = CreateFrame("ScrollFrame", "MyFirstNotReallyScrollFrame", UIParent, "FauxScrollFrameTemplate")
scrollFrame:SetScript("OnVerticalScroll", function(self, offset)
	FauxScrollFrame_OnVerticalScroll(self, offset, BUTTON_HEIGHT, update)

for i = 1, NUM_BUTTONS do
	local button = CreateFrame("Button", nil, scrollFrame:GetParent())
	if i == 1 then
		button:SetPoint("TOP", scrollFrame)
		button:SetPoint("TOP", buttons[i - 1], "BOTTOM")
	button:SetSize(96, BUTTON_HEIGHT)
	buttons[i] = button
This is a "faux" scroll frame, named so because it doesn't actually scroll. The scroll bar merely gives you an offset value, telling you which part of your list you should display in the "view area". It is intended to be used for simple lists, where the content is visually consistent. (such as the scroll frame where you select which battleground to queue for)

NUM_BUTTONS is the max amount of buttons/frames that will be visible at any one time in the view area, and BUTTON_HEIGHT is the height of these frames. These help deterrmine the position of the scroll bar and more.

The update function will be called everytime you actually scroll, and will reflect the new "view area". The corrent button height and the update function must always be passed to FauxScrollFrame_OnVerticalScroll in the "OnVerticalScroll" handler, as shown.

In the update function you will want to call FauxScrollFrame_Update(self, numItems, NUM_BUTTONS, BUTTON_HEIGHT) to set the scroll bar position. numItems is the total amount of items the scroll frame should represent. In your case, the number of items. You then need to get the offset, which represents the number of frames you have scrolled past. After this we can iterate over all the frame and set them up. The lineplusoffset variable here represents the effective index of your list of items. Assuming 8 buttons; when at the top of the list, offset will be 0, and so items 1 through 8 will be shown. If you scroll past 4 buttons, offset will be 4 and items 5 through 12 will be shown ((1 through 8) + 4). Frames will need to be hidden if the total amount of items is less than the number of items the frame can display at any one time. (< 8, in this case)

Make sure you don't create the subframes as children of the scroll frame itself; then they will be hidden if the size of your list does not exceed the number of items the frame can show.

Maybe this was more than you needed, but there you go. Feel free to ask for more info.
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