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Possible Simple Question

Hey all, first time posting here. I have a possibly simple question that I'm trying to figure out. So I use losecontrol to watch for important dispellable cc, and I used to use the normal wow raid frames. I would set the losecontrol to show up on top of the frames, and it would cover it whenever someone got cc'd making it easy to see. However, because of the nature of joining arenas, the parties can get mixed up, causing the lc blocks to appear in the wrong place (actually the player bar is in the wrong place, but you know what I mean).
So, I already used shadow unit frames, and decided to just mod the party bars to look like the normal wow raid ui to keep the parties in the correct order. However, SUF is technically "in front of" lose control on the ui screen, not allowing it to appear over the bars and instead goes behind. Is there a way to mod the lua so that either I move suf back, or losecontrol forward so I can make it like it was before?

Thanks for any help.
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