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Herb/mineing issue

ok i have looked and looked and cant seem to find a way to make this easier. basically i have the carbonite map minimized in the upper right hand corner where the old in game mouse use to be. i then have the docked in game map on the top left hand corner. when i do my route i like the carbonite way point and the lines on the map but i cant see any of the yellow dots from the nodes. i know this is an issue with wow in general and that the yellow dots are on the small docked window.

my question is, is there a way to make that docked window bigger and keep the lines on there when the route is activated? i know its possible cause i use to have it set up perfectly, i had to rebuild my computer and it messed up everything and i cant figure out how to set this back up properly. if any one wants better pictures i can screen shot what im talking about to make it easier to figure out.

if this has already been figured out if you can shoot me a link that would help as well, but i searched and i cant find a solution to what im looking for.