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Nuggs is correct, in that the puppy had a lot of energy and was teething. Exercise and chew toys (and/or Kongs) are a great way to keep destruction to a minimum, as well as crate training. We had to crate one of our dogs every time he was left alone (including when hubby was at work and me in the shower) because he would get anxious at the separation and not know what to do with that energy. One time I thought I would see if he had grown out of it, but I came out of the bathroom to find a corner missing from the top-back of my leather office chair and stuffing all over the room. Back in the crate for him the next day!

Note: he is now a very well-behaved dog! Though both our dogs still get crated when we leave the house.

But I also know the feeling of not being prepared for a dog and needing to bring it back to the shelter for a better home. The first dog we adopted had severe separation anxiety. We'd leave the apartment for an hour and she would bust out of her crate, poop all over the carpet and chew anything in sight. After a week or two of this, I cried all the way to the shelter and back home. But she really needed a home where she could be kept outside when needed and have someone with the time to ease her of her anxiety.
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