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Originally Posted by bobbybigguns View Post
I get a ton of these from mainly Raven, Mik's and Omni CC. Any ideas?

Also, Miks failed to install when I first added everything. I do have the addon, but I would like to see your customizations. How can I get your profile or what should I do?

Lastly, I am impressed! I am customizing bartender, etc and would like to export my config. Is there an option for this should I need to delete my addons folder, WTF, etc?

- Your biggest fan
Bobby Big Guns /flex

P.S. - How do I log off? I have been using /camp
When you installed, did the actionbars look like they did in your screenshot? If so, it looks like there may be more issues than Miks failing to install. It would be wise to go through the Troubleshooting steps detailed at the bottom of the RealUI page.

To make a backup of your Bartender settings, copy the WTF\Account\YOURACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables\Bartender.lua file to a backup folder somewhere.