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This should work for SexyCooldown, and any other frames you want to hide or show only in or out of combat. Type "/fstack" and move the cursor over the SexyCooldown bar to check its name; if it's not "SexyCooldown", change the code below accordingly. Type "/fstack" again to hide the frame stack tooltip.

-- Add frames to hide in this table:
local FramesToHide = {
	["SexyCooldown"] = "PLAYER_REGEN_ENABLED", -- Show out of combat
	["SomeOtherFrame"] = "PLAYER_REGEN_DISABLED", -- Show in combat

local CombatHider = CreateFrame("Frame")
CombatHider:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event)
	for frameName, showEvent in pairs(FramesToHide) do
		local frame = _G[frameName]
		if frame then
			frame:SetShown(event == showEvent)
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