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Patch 5.2, The Thunder King, live 5 March 2013

Blizzard has just confirmed that WoW’s 5.2 patch, The Thunder King, will be live tomorrow, 5 March 2013. Here’s an overview of what to expect, courtesy our friends over on Wowhead:
  • A new troll-themed raid tier has been added—Throne of Thunder. Bosses drop ilvl 502 gear on LFR, ilvl 522 gear on Normal, and ilvl 535 gear on Heroic.
  • There is a server-wide War Effort on the Isle of Thunder in which players unlock new content features by completing daily quests.
  • On the new Isle of Giants, players can participate in a variety of dinosaur-themed content, including farming up mounts and pets.
  • Season 13 has begun for arena and rated battlegrounds. There is new faction-specific Tyrannical Gladiator's gear, as well as crafted ilvl 458 gear and Honor ilvl 476 Malevolent gear.
  • The new legendary questline reward for 5.2 is a legendary metagem.
  • Some professions are getting major additions: Blacksmiths have a new way to level up and can make new vanity weapons, while fishermen get a new Fish of the Day daily event.
  • Transmog weapon restrictions have been loosened, and players can collect troll-themed gear in the style of unobtainable drops from old Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman.
Check out Blizzard's official patch guide for more information!

As always, we here at WoWInterface will have our AddOn Survival Guide up and running to help you find when and where your favourite addons are updated for 5.2. Authors please note that we’ve got the 5.2 compatible tag enabled now.

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