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Hey Ravagernl,

Thanks for the interest. It should work with any .zip file download out there on the web that contains a WoW addon. But the tool was specifically tested with wowinterface.com, wowace.com and curse.com. It should work well with all of those sites (note: currently one of the ads running on curse.com will crash our browser). If it doesn't work with some download, then please send a bug report. On the Feedback menu, click "Create bug report zip file ..." and mail that to us at [email protected] and we'll have a look.

Regarding conflicts, right now if you have two different downloads with the same addons, then it will show both of them as installed. This is because it is checking based on the contents of the zip files and what you have installed. If you have downloaded two different versions of the same addon, then the Downloads tab will show one as installed and one as not installed. In the 0.1-alpha release, the last download is always installed. It is really easy to go to the Downloads tab and change which one you have installed (select the download, click the install button).

When we have our web service hooked up (soon! still in development ...) then it will be used to resolve version conflicts and check which of your addons are out-of-date, as well as where to get the update. We'll be favoring links to wowinterface.com, and we will always link to the site so that we are all supporting the community. But the tool makes it very easy to download/install in one click.

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