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Are the remaining POI's still on the list?

Reference: "A spot to discuss code changes moving forward, as well as feature requests."

I'm still wondering whether or not the remaining POI's are still on Rythal's list of things to complete, and if so, is there some vaguely estimated date? From the 'Description' of the Carbonite addon, it's supposed to display everything on its map(s) that the Blizzard mini-map displays. But, there are still many icons not showing on the Carbonite map(s), and many of the Flight Master icons are not located where the FM's are actually standing.

I spent over 3 hours today in Pandaria trying to find simple things like a Forge, A Repair NPC, Fishing Trainer, etc. (on foot and horseback, since my char is only lvl 85 and cannot fly in Pandaria). I had to get face-to-face with every NPC in every hut, village, town, and city just to find out where certain NPC's were located. It was my first visit to Pandaria since I only recently purchased the expansion. It's frustrating without POI's on my maps to indicate where to travel to instead of roaming aimlessly throughout all of Pandaria's areas.

So, I'm still hoping Rythal has this issue on his huge list of things to do. POI's on Carbonite's maps are indespensible to fluid game-play. Heh heh.