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Rythal, thanks for your good reply. I'd like to ask about your term 'modularization'. Is that another way of saying OOP (Object Oriented Programming)? If so, then it follows that there's a core program and any number of objects (modules) which are more or less 'stand-alone' sections of code. Since I have no idea what the overall project code looks like now (organizationally), I'm imagining that you've already separated some of the original "obfuscated" code (as you put it) into separate object (modules), each one serving its own single purpose. If you haven't yet had the time to tackle each of those modules, isn't it possible that other programmers could offer support by cleaning up those smaller, individual sections of code? I thought that was the main idea behind Open Source Code.

Anyway, you are still included in my prayers. Some day, you will be very happy that you've accomplished such a good thing, along with all the other good things you've already done in your life. You are making history! Even though most of us cannot do what you can do, we are proud of you. At least, I am. Thanks again for replying to me.