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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
....the maps and guide now run on it's own with nothing else involved.....
When you say 'maps and guide,' do either of those include the POI's like Flightmaster icon locations, various npc icons such as 'Repair,' 'Trainers,' etc? Almost every one of the FM icons on Carbonite's maps are located in the wrong place. Other POI icons don't even show at all, even though they show on Blizzard's minimap. Or, are these kinds of things located in some other module which you haven't yet worked on?

Right now in the alpha instead of just Carbonite, it's now

Rythal, I don't want to take time away from your fixing other things, but if you can take a little bit of time, could you please add the 'remaining' unfinished modules (separately) underneath the list? That way I, and maybe others who are interested, will be able to see what's left to do. Maybe another pro-coder can offer to help work on one of them, which may save you valuable time.