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No there is no change to saved Points of interest yet, it's just able to work on it's own without quests or social or warehouse.

As for the list, that's it, there is no unfinished... or missing, now i've moved onto rewriting the modules. Right now i'm rewriting the Carbonite.Quests, changing the entire format that quests were saved... IE:

Old Format:
[33]={"8Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty$-*####", "#%M -��, "#%M -��, "#MVæ$Vħ$VŨ(Uʩ'UΪ$Tϫ$SЬ$Rѭ(S֫&T٫&Sܬ$Sݫ$Sު%S৤Tᥤ", },

New Format:
[11] = {
Quest = [[Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty|1|10|7|0|0]],
Start = "2|214|32|9.26|84.54",
End = "2|214|32|9.25|84.54",
Objectives = {
[1] = {

Why? because the new format is 10000% easier to work with, to add new quests, and to make fixes ... so if it turns out later on the end NPC was really at 19.25, 84.54 that change takes 2 seconds to make, and anyone can do it.

Once i'm finished with the quests, i'll move onto the next module and do the same with how it stores and accesses information. I started with quests since it's what people are asking for the most, and the most visibly broken thing. Yes it's taking a long time, between real work, wow work (with the grinds I consider wow work now :/), and rewriting code then trying to figure out why things broke.

The end result will be something that I can easily say ok I don't want to work on this anymore, and anyone can pickup and continue since everything will be plain english. Not that i'm planning on giving up, just.. it would be an option