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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
... so if it turns out later on the end NPC was really at 19.25, 84.54 that change takes 2 seconds to make, and anyone can do it.
I guess I'm still wondering why the Flightmaster's icons are not positioned on Carbonite's maps correctly, and why many other icons are not visible at all?

Is that something you still have to do, or are you saying that those are now finished? If they are finished, maybe you or someone else can tell me why nearly all of my FM icons are in the wrong places (usually around 100 yards away from their actual locations). The only addons I use besides the latest Carbonite release is Auctioneer addon, PetJournal Enhanced, and Zygor Leveling Guide. As far as I know, none of those would enterfere with map icons, so that's why I'm asking about Carbonite.

By the way, your coding is very, very easy to follow compared to the original coding method!! Looks good.