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How Far: Battle Pet XP to Go

Found Here

While grinding pet battles to level pets I got tired of having to look for the xp remaining
and determining how much more/how much longer it was going to take.. and so this addon idea
was born.

This addon adds to the output after a successful pet battle.
It will tell you how much xp that pet has to level, the % of level completed and
how many more of the last battle will level the pet.

it hooks the event that fires for each pet in your battle group gains xp after the battle.

I have some things i'm adding that i don't think will appeal to everyone so I am also working on
adding configuation options under interface/addons off the the Game Menu.

Known Issue as of 1.0.1 - there is a bug in the calculation where it will show (for example)
"0 (0.16) more of the last battle." - this has been fixed but was such a minor thing I didn't feel
it required a push just for that FIXED IN 1.1.0

Feel free to post questions, suggestions or concerns. Be as descriptive as you can.

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