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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
dunno why not, when I did the conversion it was empty, and no refrences in the guide for repair so I removed it.... the original authors must of had a reason.
I assume, and I would imagine that most other Carbonite users would assume that having Repair npc's shown on the Carbonite maps would be quite beneficial.

And, I have to mention the others which aren't shown, like Trainers (Fishing Trainers, etc.). Shouldn't those be visible on the Carbonite maps, as well?

Note: I'm referring only to the released version, since I don't rely upon beta versions, etc.

The original developers no longer come into play, now that you are enhancing their product into one which should be more inclusive, without knocking out their original Carbonite addon qualities. Some of their tools are what sold me (and maybe others) on Carbonite in the first place.

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