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I apologize for my last post.. I was trying to goad you into a response... (it worked... ) I actually meant none of it...

A simple list of the location of the flight master and a co-ord would suffice...
Example: this is the list I am making while playing:-
burning steppes flightmaster, 46.1,41.8 - not 46.1,43.7
burning steppes flightmaster, 17.8,52.8 - not 16.5,52.8
darkshore fm 51.7,17.6 - not 51.6,19.9
winterspring fm 61.0,48.6 not 61.0,49.7
You can get the co-ord by standing on top of the flightmaster and looking at the top of the Carb minimap.

You can do the same to anything else you may have seen "misplaced"

The reason you have not seen a flight masters "list" is that I have not made it yet... I don't see the point in making a completely new list if I can edit the old one.. (That and I've not got to it yet... it's also different to the other lists)

*edit, Oh by the way.. What I'm doing is nowhere near coding.... It's nothing like what Rythal is doing. The closest thing you could call what I am doing is "database entry"
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