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Patch 5.3: Escalation

Patch 5.3, Escalation is currently slated to go live tomorrow, 21 May 2013.

As always, we here at WoWInterface will have our AddOn Survival Guide up and running to help you find when and where your favourite addons are updated for 5.3. Authors please note that we’ve got the 5.3 compatible tag enabled now.

From Blizzard’s patch notes for 5.3:

Of immediate interest for our community are the UI changes:
  • In-game support system is now a direct portal to the Battle.net Support site, allowing players to access the knowledge base and support contact system.
  • Dungeon Journal has been reorganized. The model view has moved into a sub-tab and replaced with a listing of bosses for the dungeon or raid.
  • A new option to display pet tamers on the world map has been added. This should help players looking to find unlocked Pet Battle daily quests.
  • When using name plates, castbars will now display for all creatures and players in the area.

General changes include:

Four new scenarios:
  • Battle on the High Seas
  • Blood in the Snow
  • Dark Heart of Pandaria
  • The Secrets of Ragefire
A new battleground:
  • Deepwind Gorge
A new arena:
  • The Tiger's Peak
They will also introduce Heroic Scenarios:
  • A Heroic difficulty for Scenarios have been added and are designed to provide challenging content for small groups of well-seasoned adventurers. Completing a Heroic Scenario awards Valor points, and a chance to obtain high level Epic quality items.
  • Heroic Scenarios require a pre-made group to join.
  • Heroic Scenarios offer bonus objectives that will reward additional valor if completed.
  • An option to run a random Heroic Scenario has been added as a drop-down in the Scenario tab in Dungeon Finder.
  • Players can complete a normal or Heroic Scenario for bonus valor each day, but not both.
  • Six Heroic Scenarios will be available in patch 5.3. Four are new and two are upgrades of existing normal Scenarios.
  • Battle of the High Seas
  • Blood in the Snow
  • Dark Heart of Pandaria
  • The Secrets of Ragefire
  • Crypt of Forgotten Kings
  • A Brewing Storm
As well is the introduction of the Quest Campaign: Escalation
  • The Darkspear Trolls are in open rebellion against the Warchief! Aid your faction in preparing to rout Garrosh Hellscream from Orgrimmar
  • Alliance heroes will scout Orgrimmar's outskirts and engage in SI:7 espionage to weaken Garrosh’s power structure.
  • Horde heroes will help Vol’jin’s insurgency survive a Kor’kron assault and advance towards the Horde capital.
  • Visit Lorewalker Cho at the Seat of Knowledge in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms to begin questing.
Along with the Battlefield: Barrens
  • Put the stranglehold on Orgrimmar by undermining the Kor’kron supply chain in Northern Barrens.
  • Collect resources by killing Kor’kron loyalists and their supporters.
  • Get a group together to kill Kor’kron leaders for bonus resources.
  • Escort your faction’s caravans across the zone for even more additional resources.
  • The Darkspear Rebellion will reward your efforts to undermine the Warchief by helping you upgrade Latent Kor’kron Armor into useable gear.
  • Participate in the Escalation Quest Campaign to learn how to engage in the Barrens conflict.
The Legendary Quest Continues
  • Journey with Wrathion to the four corners of Pandaria to speak with the August Celestials.
  • Champions will have had to complete Wrathion’s earlier tasks (including “Heart of the Thunder King”) to continue.
And there are Brawler’s Guild Updates:
  • Test your might against two new tiers of bosses in the Brawl’gar Arena in Orgrimmar or Bizmo’s Brawl Pub in Stormwind.
  • New VIP areas are now accessible for brawlers at or above rank 8.
    Bizmo has raised the floor in his arena to hide the bodies. Or... maybe to improve the sight lines. We’ll never know for sure.
  • Special “Challenge Cards” can now be acquired from mobs or reward satchels, allowing you to unlock unique bonus bosses.
  • Brawlers that manage to prove their mettle and reach Rank 9 will receive an additional invitation to the Brawler's Guild that can be traded or given to a friend.
Also of interest is that the Experience needed to increase from level 85 to level 90 has been reduced by 33%.

Source and full patch notes

Be sure to also check out Wowhead's Patch 5.3 Guide:

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