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yeah, i have that strsub in other add ons just ok..and i use that in game.. no idea but str.sub works ok.. i'm gonna try and see what happens… thanks so much for your help so far !

Edit :

doh ! almost.. (error popped up when hunter used stampede)

8x dMeter-3.6\Core.lua:429: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value
dMeter-3.6\Core.lua:429: in function <dMeter\Core.lua:427>
dMeter-3.6\Core.lua:453: in function <dMeter\Core.lua:442>
dMeter-3.6\Core.lua:2702: in function <dMeter\Core.lua:2654>
dMeter-3.6\Core.lua:3211: in function <dMeter\Core.lua:3209>

flag = 2632
guid = ""
name = nil
bit = <table> {
 band = <func> =[C]:-1
 mod = <func> =[C]:-1
 rshift = <func> =[C]:-1
 arshift = <func> =[C]:-1
 bor = <func> =[C]:-1
 bnot = <func> =[C]:-1
 lshift = <func> =[C]:-1
 bxor = <func> =[C]:-1
_RelevantPet = <func> @dMeter\Core.lua:427
but from my few readings, i think guardians actually don't have a proper ID or at least they don't have a name (saw that in TinyDPS for example :

if not arg9 then
    arg9 = NONE
that could explain why it has a "nil value" ?

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