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Originally Posted by semlar View Post
Try changing the if statement to this..
Lua Code:
  1. if (bit.band(flag,0x0000FC00) == 0x00000800 and bit.band(flag,0x000000F0) == 0x00000020) or bit.band(flag,0x0000FC00) == 0x00001000 or bit.band(flag,0x0000FC00) == 0x00002000 or (guid and guid:len() >= 5 and tonumber(guid:sub(5,5), 16) % 8 == 4) then

A unit can not have a name, but it should never be missing a GUID. If the GUID field is missing, there's no way to track the unit. In other words even if there were a unit without a GUID, it wouldn't be possible to identify who it belonged to.

I know for a fact stampeded pets all have GUIDs and even guardians summoned by trinkets such as voodoo gnomes do as well.
Ok, good to know, not sure exactly what i did read before (i guess i'm confused between name/guid etc)

so far, with your latest tweak, it seem to be fully working, and dos tracked by hunter + lock is accurate (compared to skada/recount) i'll give it further try, but thank you so much for your work and your help, i would have never figured that out!
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