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i'm investigating deeper, been doing billions of dog and lfr etc. running both recount/skada + the add-on all in parallel. damages are spot on up to the last digit.

i think the issue is coming from the default updating time of 5sec for the data. using 1sec (which is what recount/skada are using) makes it work fine.

i guess the delay is way too big for the amount of data and creates gab + sometimes will just lose some stuff if you are not actively fighting and just let a pet do things. (i.e. : cast a dot on dummy and nothing else, it won't show anything in the add-on since you get out of combat before the 5sec starts)

Either the way it was "storing" the data before needs some update or there is maybe a way to make it "buffer" somehow but well that's way out of my knowledge...if 1sec isn't make memory usage + cpu go nuts, i guess it should be fine. feel free if you have an idea tho ^^

thanks for following up with me, very appreciated! i'll keep you up to date.
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