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Originally Posted by JimJoBlue View Post
I'm working on it now, Completion date I won't give (as I don't know myself.....)

Check it out here... http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=46388

Could you list the flight masters that need fixing? I can remember a few, but it helps to have more people looking out as well.

*edit. It doesn't look like Carbonite has a database of repair NPC's.

I have already completed almost every single Flightmaster icon throughout the entire game's maps. I've updated the Flightmaster.lua with new coordinates (denoting their true locations). I have only a few left to finish for the Alliance. I haven't yet begun the Horde Flightmasters. The highest level Horde char I have is only 67, so it may be tricky for me to get to some of the places I need to get to. Revising the Horde Flightmasters is my next phase. No ETA on its completion since I don't know the issues I might encounter getting to some of those FM's, yet.