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comparing 2 files to see editing changes...

Originally Posted by JimJoBlue View Post
To be honest you don't have to add the "-- Not ["0,806,58.03,45.08"]" to the end of the line as we can compare the 2 files and see the changes that you have made..
A slightly off-topic issue.

JimJoBlue, I read the documentation provided with Notepad++ and I could not find out how to compare "before" and "after" documents, side-by-side. I spent hours experimenting! Hence, that's why I annotated my lua document code with notes. Note: I removed those notes from the beta version I uploaded.

What I presumed to find was "highlighted" text in one edited document indicating differences between itself and the other original document, even after a session of editing was closed, and upon reopening the two documents. Is that how it's supposed to work? What am I overlooking in the process, please?
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