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Dang... still not working...

The dimensions of the image are the same as the frame 214x300. Saving as alpha channels as 16 bit compressed.

      <Frame name="$parentTexture1">
        <!--<FrameSkin skinid="f15d4970-d66d-444e-bb2d-1ad102c87fed" frameid="f15d4979-d66d-444e-bb2d-1ad102c87fed" />-->
          <AbsDimension x="214" y="300" />
          <Anchor point="TOPLEFT">
              <AbsDimension x="68" y="-99" />
            <Texture name="$parentTexture" setAllPoints="true" file="interface\AddOns\WoWTCG\images\HOA-018">
              <TexCoords left="0" right="1" top="0" bottom="1" />
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