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Adding Custom Icons

Morning all,

I got it in my head to start playing around with some of the Spell Book icons / Macro icons.

I created a few last night, basically I took two icons, for example of Drain Life and Drain Mana icons, and made on image out of them split right down the middle, so they are still 64x64.

The idea is that when I left click, it will perform the spell that's pictured on the left half of the new button, and when right click, it will perform the spell on the right half of the picture.

K. My question is, how do I get these new icons to show up in WoW? I assume its something as simple as putting it in a proper directory location.

When I extracting them from the mpq, it put them in the Interface\Icons\ dir. Do I just recreate that folder in the WoW dir?


**Update** I answered my own question. GG me!!11oneone

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