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thats a nice little UI you have there
ild recommend replacing some of those addons, at 1 point i was up around 100mb myself (mostly due to not-so-well-coded mods and large databases) ive since slimmed down to around 30mb with everything loaded and still have all the old functionality i had (and found some great new ones as well) (also, swap out titan for fubar, similar functionality and fubar is phenomenal on resources, you can get it here at WoWI)
also, you have some redundant mods listed, ie ct_unitframes isnt needed if youre using discord etc

couple tips regarding mods
only enable what you need, if youre on a shaman character, no need for hunter's helper ;-)
if youre not pvp'n, disable pvp mods etc etc
an in-game mod manager is very useful for this

as for what to add to your ui...
if you like colors and bright stuff etc (which im guessing you do from your screenie) perhaps letterbox it and add some color in behind the chat areas, nestle your buttons, unitframes etc in the non-rendered area and it doesnt effect your game view at all
personally, i tend to stick to one color scheme/texture per UI and build/mold it around that graphically (currently redoing mine lol, then again i always am)
so try playing around in photoshop and making some textures to add into your UI, great sources of inspiration can be seen in the UI forums at dsicordmods.com

in regards to your selection of mods, i highly recommend checking out some ace addons and get away from that 100mb mark ;-)
you can find an excellent selection of Ace mods here at WoWI or at wowace.com on the forums.
best of luck in creating the mod/ui of your dreams, or at least tweaking it forever cuz its always "almost perfect, jus 1 more lil change..." lol
feel free to contact me if youre in need of any more specific addon ideas etc, always happy to help

about making things "hide" until you mouseover, theres no "all-in-one" mod for that, but a number of things, say action bars/buttons can be scripted to hiode until you mouse over them or things like that (useful for, say, a buffbar, which you only cast spells from once every 20+mins or so)

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