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Suggestion: Update both Carbonite map views

I still have some small amount of hope left that this addon will once again show things like "Fishing Schools" on either or both of its two map views (the larger one and the smaller one). It's very strange that Carbonite map views don't show them, although it used to. Merging the Blizzard minimap into Carbonite is not a logical alternative. It makes Carbonite's two map (views) nearly worthless, on their own. The customized Google map is zoomable and attractive, but without having relevant POI's incorported, it's missing much of its former value. I see no reason why Fishing Schools (and other similar POI's) cannot be shown, unless this addon has finally died, unfinished in its tracks.

I dread to think what Carbonite will be like after Blizzard releases their new expansion. If Rythal can't or won't do it, maybe some other brave soul with enthusiasm, expert programming skills, time and heart will take on the challenge and not vanish into the nether. History is repeating itself, again. I'm wondering where Haavok is and how he's doing?

It's too bad this addon cannot be reformatted to meet Blizzard's addon guidelines (like Zygor's addons do). Then, it most definitely would be financially viable for a qualified, determined team of addon authors to keep this significant addon up-to-date. Now that the code has gone 'public,' that may not be possible.