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Looking for signs of life.

I agree with Kreelor. I personally think the operative phrase is "qualified, determined team of addon authors".

Rythal has proven himself more than qualified to lead such a team. I feel however that rewriting this addon may have turned out to be a bigger task than he originally thought. I think delegating parts of this addon to specific people who have the time and willingness to spend an hour or more a day (or week) on it would make this task a bit easier. It may even make it possible to provide a new release that might win back people who have abandoned Carbonite and keep those thinking about looking for a viable (free) alternative from looking any further.

Carbonite 2 has a lot of potential, and I have not stopped updating quest and map coordinates on my computer as I play now and then. I won't be submitting them with notes anymore though until I see signs of life that indicate work has been resumed and updates will be accepted and applied.

One tip though for other dyi people using the latest Alpha/Beta version, if you have a problem with quests not in the database, deleting the quest objective list from the related quest section in the .lua file will force Carbonite to use Blizzard's quest database in most cases. Disclaimer: Backup the file first so you can restore it if you accidentally delete the wrong or to much stuff. I always keep the original files I change and also save the updated files in a special folder for future releases that don't include my updates/corrections.

I hope this helps.
I am not an addon author. I contribute when I can, answer questions when I am able, and post issues or ask questions now and then.

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