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Badapples v1.12.0 uploaded!

Changes from v1.11.0:
  • Added checking for player names in your Ignore list for joining parties or raids, or for attempting to invite someone to your party or raid. (Ignored players aren't automatically added to your Badapples list, but if they are on your list you will see the usual Badapple warning rather than the ignore warning).
  • Added a tooltip when browsing in your Badapples list to show the full text of reasons if they are longer than will fit in the available reason space (for Phanx ).
  • Increased the maximum length you can use for entering reasons.
  • If you have the Badapples "Add player" dialog open, you can shift-click a player's name in the chat window to automatically add their name to the edit box (for Caedo ).
  • Some rearrangements of the code internally to minimize global name usage, and to better support future localization possibilities.
  • Added globally callable functions BadapplesCheckName and BadapplesColor for use by other addons (see end of Badapples.lua for details).
  • Changed version string to 1.12.0 and updated interface number for patch 1.12.

Originally Posted by Phanx
Awesome mod. I've been using it for quite some time now... I've actually been using an older version, and just discovered that it was on WoWI and there was an update.

Anyway, I have one suggestion: currently, if the reason someone's on my Badapples list is too long, I can only see the first part in the list. It would be really nice if when I moused over someone with a long reason, a tooltip popped up showing the full reason.

Also, this is probably beyond the scope of Badapples, but what's the likelihood of being able to add entire guilds to the list in the future?
Hi Phanx! I've just added the tooltip thing that you suggested in 1.12.0 (although it only shows for reasons that are longer than will fit in the reason field).

Unfortunately, adding a whole guild is a little difficult because you can only know the guild of a player when they are within normal targeting range of you (i.e., in same zone and within 80' or whatever the max distance is). I've thought about having Badapples allow you to set a guild and have it automatically add anyone you saw with that name, but even that could get unwieldy (and what happens if that someone isn't actually too bad of an apple, realizes their mistake and leaves that guild?).

So for now, whole guilds are out

Originally Posted by Caedo
It seems the BadApples mod is overriding the ability to right click on a players name in a chat window and have a dropdown menu that allows invite/whisper/target/etc. any chance this could be fixed? maybe even add a selection to that list: "Add to BadApples" Some people like to have ridiculous ascii characters in their name, which makes inviting them a chore.
Hi Caedo. Hmmm, Badapples shouldn't be interfering with the right-click function in the drop-down list (although it did in an older version).

Rather than adding a "Add to Badapples" item in the right-click list, I've made the Badapples "Add player" dialog box function like the standard Blizzard ones, so you can just open that up (from the Badapples tab) and then shift-click the player's name from the chat window and it will copy it into the edit box for you!

-- Cirk
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