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Question on "First Use"

Before I start digging around in other mods, I thought I'd toss this out there for anyone that might be bored. Please note, anyone who may respond, that I could -barely- get a chat message to fire <OnLoad>. The notion of saved variables makes me blanch to say the very least. Short version, lua > me.

What I would like to do is register DiivSkins such that it will call a function that will call another function from another AddOn (I think?) the first time someone loads my AddOn. (on any character, not character specific) Once that happens, I don't want that function to ever be called again.

I also need the XML call for it to be universal, that is, I just want to paste one <OnLoad> into several frames, and then... use a "( this )" ... I think? I'm not sure.

If anyone out there is at all familiar with DiivsSkins, basically, what this would do is call a MoveAnything! function to default check [Hide] on the "non standard" frames that paste all over the screen on initial start-up. (The ones I use that employ the "UIParent" as a Parent). These frames would then be invisible as "hidden" the first time a player logs into game. After that, I don't want to call that function again, however, or the user would have to go back into the MoveAnything! console before each session and un-check all the "hidden" elements they had previously "un-hid" for their UI set up. No good.

I'll do more homework on this later, I promise. I do know the MoveAnything function I need to call, I just don't know how to properly implement it in DiivSkins to accomplish what I'm after.

I'm headed out the door for work at the moment. I just thought I would toss this out there, as I said, in case anyone is bored enough to patronize the clueless. .
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