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Oh god....theres too much information asked for in that post...this thing would be pages long if I tried to tell u all that....but I'll give u a condensed version.

Arcane: Mana regen/Conservation
Fire: Straight up dmg, and burning power
Frost: Survivability, and kiting power, with pretty high dmg also

Obviously there are combinations such as arcane/fire, arcane/frost, fire/frost, frost/fire, etc depending on what kind of things you want to do.

Most people will go Fire for the largest part of there leveling process as this burn down mobs the fastest and that it what you want the most at your low lvl soloing times. Frost gives you the ability to kite mobs around because of its slowing abilitys, and some people will decide to go with a frost build once they reach the mid-range of lvls 30-40, but this is more then likely going to be changing now, with the nerf happening to mage AoE and the diminishing returns going to be applied to it now.

I'll list some examples of basic builds, and some more complex and harder to utilize ones that I have played in the past for reference to things.

Frost/Arcane build:
Fire/Arcane build:
Arcane/Fire build:
Arcane/Frost build:
Frost/Fire build:
Fire/Frost build:

Some more Complex ones:

These are obviously not the only build out there for mages, there are many many different ones, and as to what each ones does, most of the are built for a balance between dmg output and mana conservation, all depending on what you want to do, and what your play style is, which is something you will find you develop as you play your mage throughout the lvls.
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