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Assigning macros to mouse buttons. help!

Hey all,

I've been using the mod Clique and using such macros as: /cast [target=mouseover] Flash of Light. I like the ease of hovering over the ctraid targets with my mouse and using my mouse buttons to do my macros.. Example. Mouse Button 1 is Flash of Light,. Mouse button 2 is Holy Light etc..

My problem is that the macros no longer work when the Clique mod is out of date so what I would like to know is how to setup my mouse over button heal macros INSIDE the macro itself, and not depending on Clique. I've been reading posts and so far I have come up with something like this, but it still doesnt work:

cast [target=mouseover, button:1] Flash of Light

If anyone has a clue how to get what I'm tryin to explain workin...
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