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Already tried that. Double checked it just to be sure, but I had that same code commented out.

I don't think it has anything to do with somehting being over written.

I also tried setting both drawing loops to load the same tile sets into memory. overlay1x.tga solely, then overlay2x.tga soley. When loading overlay1x, all tiles of overlay1x appeared and were drawn in their correct positions. In the place where overlay2x would draw on the bottom, the overlay1 tiles where there as expected. When loadsing overlay2x, only overlay25 will appear in the upperright and lowerright positions, the right 1/5 (256 pixels) only. All the others do not appear.

Resaved the tgas and was sure to follow the same exact steps on cropping and saving repeated above with the same results. Driving me buggy.
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