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I have a 68 rogue and can tell you that it's not as easy as it seems. Sure one on one rogues have their advantages, but against certain classes, as certain specs, there's no way one can beat a competent player. As a mage if you're having problems, I'd question what spec you are, if you're not frost there's no reason to complain about rogues. If you're frost then look at some of the strategies other people use. In fact, there's great how-to videos by a mage called "I suck at Dueling" and "I suck at PvP".

The real reason rogues are getting buffed is because of their arena play. In 5v5 they're practically worthless, as a warrior can do the same things and after 30 seconds into a match has more mobility than a rogue, having intercept. This is why rogues are getting a buff to their mobility.

Since the more recent patch that made all PvP trinkets remove any effect that disables control of your character rogues have had a difficult time, as now anyone can use it to break the notorious Blind + Bandage routine that rogues usually have to use against most classes. So instead of being so close minded try looking at it from another perspective.

Also, if you're going to complain about a class you should read up more on them. That's actually how most people learn how to play against them. Cloak of shadows is not effected by Preperation, and is a 90% resist chance against all spells and does not remove all DoTs, but simply all magic effects. Warrior DoTs are not effected by it. Deadly throw, their ranged interrrupt is only usable if the rogue has combo points on you and only causes and interrupt if the rogue has the arena gloves. If you really want to see an unfair matchup watch a rogue against a decent warrior, the warrior simply has to auto attack and hamstring to win.

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