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Originally Posted by nihlistic
i get hit stunned hit ..i blink. if i try to engage him, he blinds or stuns me before i get a meaninful shot off. and by throwing things at me he postpones my 2.5 second cast to about 3 to 4 sec cast. i gotta stand still for stupid long cast times. then its 15 seconds without a blink which equals certain death. if i frost nova him he gets out of it immediately. slowing effects are brushed off by him which makes the frost tree absolutely USELESS. if i manage to get him down in hitpoints he vanishes.
aoe only works if im close to him. i cant find him, i am not a warlock and have no stealth detection.
he can silence me (a caster) for 3 seconds and interupt my spell completely by throwing things at me in the mean time i might as well take my gloves off and bareknuckle fight him.

and in the 5 seconds that he is immune to everything he can kill me.....yes 5 seconds.

so bliz wants to extent his insignia of the horde as a tool to allow him a way out of sheep and slowing effects in the next patch. THATS RIGHT

frost mages hit with a frostbolt for 1200 points off a 2.5 second cast. every fourth or fifth cast is a generous crit for 2900.

if a mage hits enemy while the enemy is in ice a mages crit chance increases by up to 50 percent at which point the ice is broke by the damage 90 percent of the time (very unreliable CC tool).
but the trick is to get far enough away from the target, turn around, and cast a 2.5 sec cast while being interrupted ...lol ...90 percent of the time you WILL NOT get a cast off so kiss your would have been 50 percent crit increase goodbye.

A mage, if able to get away, may click on his invisible button. yes we must wait 5 seconds until we vanish. if we are hit by anything, even a dot or a bleed, we just wasted a 5 minute cooldown. and cant go invis

blink only works half the time, as intended? if a mage blinks in certain wide open places as a lifesaving means to get out of range; half the time the mage will go backward 2 feet.
so blink cant even be counted on.

address these issues,


Sounds to me like you dont have alot of resilience gear and stamina gear. If you work on the epic arena set and the non set items from regular pvp battle then you will increase the chance of a good shot in a rogue encounter.

Also the thing to remember when dealing with a rogue is that all rogues keeps on the move while engaging someone. This counts for most classes in fact except mages because they don't have alot of casts that enables you to stand still.
Now frost spec isnt that good in pvp as it used to be. As a former frost mage myself turned nuke arcane/fire spec i still struggle with rogues seeing as i don't have alot of resilience myself yet, but i do get in alot more damage than what i would do as frost spec. Now im not suggesting you change your talents, cause in the end if everyone has the same talents where is the fun in that. But if you have a pure frost tree i would suggest working on an alteration that enables you to get an additional cast of. Arcane mages have an instant cast spell that really is helpful in pvp for those really intense fights.
I usually start of with a fireball and continue casting those untill some hordie set their eyes on me. then i nova him down blink away and do another fireball followed by an instant pyroblast. Having 40% crit chance really can bypass resilience alot (and you can count on rogues and locks to have alot of that atleast) with the initial damage. And since i also put a double dot on him thats affected by spell crits the chances are that i just got him about halfway down on his hp. After that you need to get some assistance. Premade pvp is always the only option for my server atleast (we suck on pug alliance side, always lose, but premades we near win all the time) Grouping into team is the best way to counter any class cause all class have designed flaws against other classes, the only thing that changes is where this flaw is located, luckily for mages it can't change alot so we have a clear idea what can be done to counter it best possible in alot of cases.
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