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Step 1. Hang around with Warriors.
Step 2. Stack up Stamina/Resilience (Like any GOOD PvPer).
Step 3. Respec Frost.
Step 4. ???
Step 5. PROFIT, in this case being, one really, really dead rogue.

As is, we're not over powered, you honestly just need to learn to play as a mage. Blink puts you in far enough range that we can't blind you or just run up to stun you inless we have Sprint on, in which case if you see us running to you, then you should pop Frost Nova. If anything, you can sheep us to get a Frostbolt or Fireball off, and from there just instant cast and kite. Besides, all our stuns were nerfed last patch or so. Now they're resisted, dodged, or miss alot more often then before. Oh, and I made an account just to say that. Care to provide your character name for the armory? Or are you a twink? >:C
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