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mages when taken by surprise are in trouble , though locks are a pain.
i got in close to a lock the other night and was quickly beating the hell out of him when he feared me and then ran off , this was in STV.
thats the one thing priests and locks have over mages , they can force a rogue away from them and stack on damage , where as a mage has to keep distance and sheeping heals your opponent and you cant damage them while they are sheeped.
i nailed a priest in STV but i waited until he was already fighting and used his fear on the mob , then i knew he was dead hehe
having a lock myself , at 40 you have two fear skills you can use , one instantly , thus you can control a single rogue if he doesnt kill you quickly
i have been thinking of respeccing my mage though i cant really decide what to have.
i know the in thing at present is arcane/fire which can be a killer with PoM.
as for my rogue , i'm still experimenting . i recently changed my spec again to 21 combat / 10 subt.
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