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Originally Posted by Dreadlorde
I have most of the gear from mara..I need the rotgrip mantle and eye of theradras. I did sunkle temple to get my soul harvestor..and that was the last time I did an instance My guild just recently died, and I can never find a group in under an hour..:/ The Timbermaw Hold trinket seems nice.
If you decide to farm AD rep, keep in mind that you stop gaining rep in the outside world at a certain point, and have to do instances and gathering quests. If you are having trouble getting groups for instances since your guild died, I'd suggest grinding honor or timbermaw rep (if you just **absolutely** have to grind a rep, and **absolutely** have the have that trinket) until you have a new guild with whom you can grind the AD rep in the instances.
Also, if you are planning on putting off leveling for an honor grind, they ae making lvls 20-60 grinding easier in a future patch.
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