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Class / Race Selection

To be honest when I first start playing the game shortly after Beta I chose a night elf because I thought they looked cool. After level 60 and I started to understand the game mechanics better I went horde, because I felt the racials were better imho.

I chose a hunter on the horde side first - an Orc for the pet damage bonus. He is my farmer - makes me gold so quickly and easily and in PvE has a super high survivability rating. I should add my opinions are based on "normal" questing gear, I am not a raider.

Second I chose an Undead Priest for PvP - very fun.

Next I went Troll Mage for the racial - speeds up spell casting.

Belf Pally next - if it wasn't the only horde class that could be a pally I would still choose a belf - the racial is awesome for casters.

Troll rogue, again for the racial - berserking + SnD ftw.

Now, with so many 70s, I am just experimenting. I have both an Orc and Tauren warrior - maybe one will tank and one will be fury.

Long train of though - but I guess the point is I have come full circle. I started out the game choosing what I thought looked cool, then once I understood the game mechanics I chose based on racial abilities, now that I have done that I am experimenting with odd combinations for not reason other than to not be bored with the game.

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