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Originally Posted by phelaan View Post
Might be off-topic, but anyway:
I've had that similar experience with the green square. And im aware you solved it, but i'd love to hear if anyone know excactly why it sometimes works and sometimes it dont?

I've noticed a few times that when ive saved my image in tga32bit uncompressed, and reopen it, that it have ditched my alpha channel. No idea really why, but i usally fiddle around with it a bit and finally get it to work. So if anyone have a clue to what excactly makes the difference. pls post so.
It always works if done correctly. You just have to follow all the rules:

- Width and height must be a power of two
- Color depth must be 24-bit (8x8x8)
- 8-bit alpha channel must be present (thus making a 32 bit depth)
- Image must be uncompressed
- Image must either be TGA or BLP (or PNG? I've never used that one but heard of it being tried before.)

8R8G8B8A for those of you DX guys, and for the rest of you, just follow the rules above :P If you follow those rules and place the image in the right folder, you won't have a problem.
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