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Originally Posted by Kaomie View Post
Ah but you forgot the trick we mentioned a couple months back.
Every now and then take the minimap, resize it to a minimum and set it to be transparent, move it underneath the mouse which should fire the event you need if a tracking dot is present, put minimap back in place and make it visible again. Not sure if it still works or not, or even if it has ever really worked efficiently, but there was an addon for it at some point.
I remember what you are talking about Kaomie. I am the one that ran across that mod and posted the link on the forum. Unfortunately, I can't find the mod or that old thread anymore. I tried to search for it again, but the search options no longer include the option to search the description of an addon. The way I found it the first time is to type "minimap tracking" into the search window and check the search description box before initiating the search. Can't do that anymore (unless I just can't find the option) since the site got it's new look. I'll keep searching though.
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